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The sprite comic which started it all. It's all about Megaman's wacky adventures.
Oh, and some guys named Bob and George.

Don't judge a comic by it's banner size, this comic is hilarious!
Join the Light Warriors who are anything but light. A must for Final Fantasy fans!
And it has a kick-ass mage with a funny hat! Just like me!

It's Sluggy Freelance! One of the oldest and funniest comics out there.
I dare you to read it and tell me that it's not nifty!

A most unusual comic staring two fox children who are both innocent and cynical at the same time. A tad too "More Liberal than thou" at times, but very funny nontheless.

What started out as another geek-loving, computer-joking, programmer comic has turned into an epic, fantastic, outragious, geek-loving, computer-joking, programmers who save the world comic. Plus they have a talking slime mold. Go figure.

Technically another gamer comic, but like so many others it doesn't focus much on that. This one focus's on it's very odd assortment of characters mostly.

This is my kind of comic! Noble quests! Fierce battles! Silly side quests!
Useless bards, just like Orpheus!And more mages with funny hats!

Another great RPG world comic! The mage isn't too kick-ass, and she doesn't have a funny hat,
but there's Cherry! She's, cute, got kick-ass powers and she's an elf! How cool is that! No funny hat though...

Join "average" video gamer Greg as he turns both the normal and the abnormal into wacky adventures!

It's hard enough being new to college, but to be mutant freaks as well?
Oh well, at least they're not routinely set on fire!

He robs from the rich and gives to...well...himself...if he's lucky.
If we're ever in Rothland, we'll probably have to arrest him, but until then, he's too damn funny!

A comic that is, in turns both comical and melancholy. Heavily inspired by Japanese manga, this follows the story of two Americans who end up stranded in Japan. One an introverted, depressed romantic, the other an extroverted, sugar-high maniac. The story moves rather slowly, as the artist tends to overwork himself and have to resort to "Dead Piro Art Days"

A fun little comic about the wacky adventures of an American college anime club. The story moves a tad slow as the artist and the writer tend to encounter slight communication problems and such.

Okay, this ones just odd. A disturbingly well done mix of serious and silly.
Of Righteous and Raunchy. Of Angst and Aliens. Plus Joyce! She's cute! ^__^

A rather funny comic. It has no particular focus, although its jokes tend to favor video games. It'd be higher up, if it updated regularly and more often.